Racial and Ethnic Differentials in Overweight and Obese Children - Thesis Example

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Racial and Ethnic Differentials in Overweight and Obese Children

However, no research has been able to prove clearly that racial and ethnic background of a person is a factor that causes overweight and obesity in people. Even though some researches have concluded that it is the racial and ethnic background of a person that causes obesity in him, the deeper look at those studies show that it is not the racial and the ethnic background, but the socioeconomic factors ‘associated’ with those racial and ethnic communities that lead to development of obesity in people. Hence, it can be concluded that it is the ‘socioeconomic status’ (SES) and the social factors related to minor races and ethnic communities in the US that causes the prevalence of obesity among people. Effect of Racial Background In the research conducted to understand the cause of overweight and obesity among 3-year-old children, 35% of the children in the study were overweight (Kimbro, Brooks-Gunn & McLanahan 298). The study revealed that children belonging to Hispanic background were twice likely to become overweight and obese than children belonging to Black or White ethnic background (Kimbro, Brooks-Gunn & McLanahan 298). This shows that children belonging to Hispanic ethnic background are more at risk of obesity than children belonging to Black or White ethnic background. ...
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Introduction Obesity and overweight in the United States has become a major concern for health sector (Kimbro, Brooks-Gunn & McLanahan 298). The prevalence of obesity among adults and children has increased so much that it has taken a form of epidemic (Kimbro, Brooks-Gunn & McLanahan 298)…
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