Explain the determinants of daily price changes of a stock market index of your choice

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Your name…………………… Course ………………………… Date of submission …………… DETERMINANTS OF DAILY STOCK PRICE CHANGE Word Count- 833 Introduction Share market price fluctuation is an extremely critical element to the economic measures of a country.


Based on relevant literature and economic theory, this paper explains why there is stock market price change almost every day. Determinants of Stock Market Price changes The table given below is a summary of stock price changes of Apple Inc, American Express, Ameriprise Financial Inc, Noble Corp and Johnson and Johnson, extracted from Bloomberg.com. This table illustrates daily stock price changes for the above mentioned companies. According to economists, there are various reasons and driving forces for this stock market price changes.   Apr-18 Apr-19 Daily Price Change Apr-20 Apr-21 Daily Price Change Apr-26 Apr-27 Daily Price Change Apple Inc 437.92 438.95 0.30% 439.3 448.21 2.00% 455.13 456.5 0.30% American Express 53.05 52.67 0.70% 52.67 52.83 0.30%       Ameriprise Financial Inc 69.7 70.1 0.60%       70.4 70.1 0.30% Noble Corp 46.79 46.82 0.10%       47.55 47.49 0.10% Johnson and Johnson 64.56 64.75 0.30% 65.11 65.44 0.33%       Source: Rose, April 19, 2011, Rose, April 21, 2011, Rose April 25, 2011 and Rose April 27, 2011 The major forces in the market are demand and supply and the same play significant roles in fluctuating the stock price too. ...
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