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GPS vs. Map Utilizing a GPS system is similar to using a paper map, but may vary in results. The outcome in both cases is disrupted by human error and the malfunction of secondary devices. A group that prepares to navigate and find places with a map may encounter some difficulty.


The following is the formula used to translate the coordinates: Decimal Degrees = Degrees + minutes/60 + seconds/3600 After configuring the degrees of the points the group must plot these positions on the paper map. The lack of identifying local landmarks or road signs in any case would cause issues with accuracy on pinpointing location. In order to avoid lack of accuracy a group should use some form of tracking device. For this project the iPhone is issued as a viable tracking device to be used secondary to the laptop. In reference to the project, a group encountered a problem when uploading data. The group had covered the laptop tracking device and could not retrieve a track record. The issued was solved by enabling the tracking system on the iPhone. The understanding that can be developed in this case is that the use of the paper map without assistance from electronics could be crippling. Utilizing a GPS as the main source for navigation and finding places has different outcome possibilities. Naturally coordinates have to be enabled on the system. This can be done by entering the same decimal degrees as map groups. The GPS will calculate and pinpoint these locations automatically. The tracking system within the GPS will develop a path for the group. However, the issue here can be based solely on the accuracy of the device. ...
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