Neil Postman's theory on technology is outdated.

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<Student Name> <Subject> <Date> Introduction Seeing as technology and culture change with the times it stands to reason that the ideas and philosophies regarding those topics should change with the time also. With that in mind one might believe that Postman’s ideas on humanism and technology are not incorrect but rather out-dated.


For others it may be a release from the daily stress of work by watching a grand movie on the television. For still others it may be finding solutions to problems faced by mankind, which works as a combined shot at development of the human race. No matter what form of technology or what meaning one chooses to give to technology, crux of the discussion can be simply put that “technology is defined by how one chooses to use it”.  Neil Postman, a very famous cultural-critic of the USA, came out with a book in, called Technopoly. Being a successful critic, Neil, in this book, raises issues that state, “In the age of technopoly, technology is not merely the dominant factor within culture; rather technology seeks to redefine culture itself “(technopoly, 2002). Neil described today’s American culture as one, which is ruled more by technology than their beliefs and morals so much so that technology has evolved into a culture. The book claims that these three cultures of technology and advancement are relevant and apparent through put to the world in a number of different ways. He goes ahead and describes his claim and alleged culture in three simple yet complete words as: Tool-using: The book claims that the very primitive of technical-culture was the tool-using culture. It came in the very start of the world. ...
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