Colonial Settlements in Kenya and Southern Rhodesia from 1900-1965

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Colonial Settlements in Kenya and Southern Rhodesia from 1900-1965 Introduction The colonization started in Africa in the later part of the 18th century. Great Britain almost captured the major part of the continent before the First World War. As the colonial ruler it claimed to have brought in civilization, Christianity and ultimately liberal democracy in the African colonies.


Kenya During the periods of war the Imperial design adopted by British for Kenya proved to have a paralyzing effect between the opposing demands of ‘West coast’ and a ‘South African Policy’ which is referred to as “the conflicting requirements of peasants and settler political economy”. The late Nineteenth century imperialism as demonstrated by the British rule on Africa was the final sortie using which the capitalist system of the world occupied the last continent to remain partly beyond its pale. The system comprised of different types of production modes which were connected at the level of exchange and these all were dominated by the most advanced forms of capital.2 The scuttle for colonies in Africa reached its highest pitch in 1884 when Africa was decided to be partitioned after the Berlin conference among the European colonial rivals. ...
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