How is International Law Enforced?

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Running Head: ENFORCEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL LAW Enforcement of International Law By Name Course I. Introduction International law plays a very important role in maintaining and sustaining the relative peace that the world presently enjoys. The prospect of another world war is a terrifying spectre and much hope is placed on a just and effective international order that could steer the course of mankind away from that direction and permit it to continue reaping the fruits of the advances of civilization.


Laws are only as good as their ability to be enforced and in a decentralized world that is torn apart by self-seeking interests and motives, enforcement of international laws seems a very tall order. This is evinced by the way the organs of the United Nations have behaved in the past, particularly the Security Council, which had difficulty arriving at consensus in resolving problems simply because the chamber has, most of the time, become an extended arena of power struggle. Moreover, not only is the entire international judicial and legal system underpinned by the voluntary participation and submission of parties to the jurisdiction of these courts, but such courts seem impervious to private individuals and entities. The bottom line is that any difficulty in enforcing international law is caused by the lack of necessary support mechanism that is underpinned by the monopoly of legitimate force by a singular, supreme authority that exercises compulsory jurisdiction. ...
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