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Make an argument about whether International Organizations matter. Define your criteria for the relevance of IOs and explain how - Thesis Example

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Make an argument about whether International Organizations matter. Define your criteria for the relevance of IOs and explain how

Thesis [I will argue that International Organizations matter.] 2. To support the thesis, the following format will be implemented: a) Realism. Under this theory, A, B, C and so on does exist. They have properties of F-ness, G-ness, and H-ness. Such factors are different from the person’s individual beliefs, cultures, wants, needs, caprices, etc. According to Woods, Global politics must come to the rescue of Africa. The country’s poverty situation has brought the political leaders and international organizations to help alleviate the Africa’s famine situation. b) Neo-institutionalism. It focuses on describing the social theory of developing a sociological view of institutions. They way they react and affect society. This explains why so many businesses have similar organizational structures. Institutions operate within an environment composed of other institutions (institutional environment). In layman’s terms. Peer pressure affects the decisions of other organizations. Thus, organizations try to survive by establishing legitimacy in the world. Such organizations influence how a person behaves through rules, norms, and standards. According to Woods, The world bank is struggling to fund IDA (788) where the U.S. cut funding on IDA. Likewise, the HIPC situation indicated the United States Congress is funding its debt relief in 2000 (Woods, 2010). ...Show more


International Organization International Organizations matter. The international organization International organizations are composed of two types. They are the international organizations that work globally. The international organizations have global membership, presence, and scope…
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