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The Importance of Project Management

The time spent in socializing too had a use in her project: Rachel must have got to know about some of the mistakes others may have made earlier so that she did not repeat them. She could be herself making some mistakes and realized this after talking to other IS managers. News within the organization about others would give her a break from work so that she does not get bored and allow her to focus better when she sits down at her desk next. A majority portion of Rachel’s work was spent in communication whether that was with the client, her boss or her team. Judging from the breakup, I estimate that this activity took up almost 75% of her day and included a variety of forms of communication including one hot-headed discussion with a senior marketing manager. The time she spent during the day waiting on others exemplifies the true professional environment where one cannot immediately get in touch with another person bringing about natural communication barriers. However, Rachel’s determination and the ability to shuffle tasks around saw her being able to handle all the aspects of communication she intended to do so within her day. I think Rachel made effective use of her day because I saw her communicating all along the day and keeping all parties updated on the latest findings. ...
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Running Head: Project Management The Importance of Project Management Question 1 I believe that Rachel has spent her day in a very effective way given the responsibilities and constraints that limit her…
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