Term Paper on the Segregation of Duties: IT Audit

Term Paper on the Segregation of Duties: IT Audit Essay example
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Term Paper on the Segregation of Duties: IT Audit Word Count: 2,520 (10 pages) A fundamental element of internal control is the segregation of certain key duties. The basic idea ?underlying SOD is that no single employee should be in a position both to perpetrate and to ?


If ?you were an IT Auditor in an organization, what type of business risks would you consider? What ?type of control mechanisms would you put in place for more efficient audit procedures? Explain its ?relevance from every perspective. I. Introduction Challenges in IT are becoming ever more complicated. Segregation of duties— also known as SOD—is paramount in today’s information technology spectrum as one considers: business risks from the standpoint of an IT auditor in an organization; control mechanisms which can be implemented for more effective auditing procedures; and the relevance of such segregation of duties from every perspective imaginable. II. Business Risks to Consider as IT Auditor in an Organization There are several factors to take into account when considering oneself being put in a position of risk as an IT auditor. “The challenges facing IT auditors today revolve around change—in technology, the business environment, business risks, the legislative and regulatory environment, and the knowledge and skills required to audit effectively in this evolving environment.”1 So, let us analyze in-depth every relevant angle that the IT auditor has to take into consideration. Changes in technology certainly influence what is going on in terms of how IT auditors are going to respond to that issue. For example, the advent of the iPad and the increased use of tablet PC’s has introduced a new monkey-wrench into the works. ...
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