Negative effects of social networking sites on teens

Negative effects of social networking sites on teens Thesis example
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Running Head: Adolescent Online Behavior The Negative Effects of Social Networking Sites on Teens A Reflection Paper Name Course Title Name of Professor Date of Submission Introduction Social research has a new arena of study, the Internet. More particularly, the latest development of online social networking is quickly building its own discipline in social research.


Nevertheless, for this paper, I will use social networking sites and blogs interchangeably since both require people creating, updating, and maintaining private online sites. Approximately 55% of adolescents use social networking sites and build their own online social networking profiles (Williams & Marten, 2008, 253). Due to the increasing number of teen users of online social networking sites, the phenomenon of blogging becomes an important field of inquiry examining how teens are interacting online, what they are blogging about, and what possible negative impacts this trend may have on their lives. However, thus far there has been inadequate attention given to the dynamic emotional, psychological, and social effects of social networking sites on adolescent users. This paper will try to prove that social networking sites has negative effects on adolescent users. The main premise of the argument is that social networking profiles, which contain private, intimate, peer relations, and open self-disclosure, generates the risk of different online victimization for adolescent users. ...
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