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Leadership is the quintessential attribute of any organization that wishes to succeed as well as sustain its growth and development in the long term. Leadership has been studied since ages and has received immense attention from numerous fields including management, politics, sociology, and psychology.


These numerous studies have identified a variety of skills, personalities, and competencies that leaders possess. These studies include the renowned political and sociological legendary leaders as well as in the organizational set up. In the present context, an evaluation of the concept of leadership is done based on the teachings of Hughes, Ginnett and Curphy (2008) who assert that leadership is a complex phenomenon that involves the leader, the followers, and the situation. In the present context, leadership is assessed based on these three critical elements; in addition, leadership skills essential for effective leadership have been evaluated. Further, impact of management on leadership and vice versa has also been assessed. These evaluations are based on leadership conceptualization of Hughes et al (2008) with reference to leadership conceptualization made by Zenger and Folkman (2009). References have been made to Zaleznik’s (1992) article that differentiates manages from leaders. Personal experiences with respect to leadership have also been opined and explained. Considering Hughes et al.’s (2008) explanation of leadership, it is difficult to arrive at one specific definition of leadership because the definition depends upon the kind of leader being studied, the situation as well as the followers’ perception of their leader. ...
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