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Classroom Management Roy Killen (2006) emphasized the constructivist teaching strategy is student –based. The teacher’s lesson speed is based on the students’ culture, or diversity in terms of absorbing the class lessons. On the other hand, the behaviorist approach is behavior focused.


The students are tasked to be actively involved in the learning process. The learning process includes persuading the students to orally contribute their opinions, comments, suggestions, and recommendations on the topic discussed. For example, the classroom topic entitled selling would focus on asking the students to present each group’s alternatives, recommendations, and other inputs on the case study assigned. Each group is given a certain time limit to discuss the case study in order have a proper estimate of how long the case study session of the class curriculum will be discussed. On the other hand, John Woollard (2010) reiterated the behaviorist classroom management technique is grounded on behavior as the motivation for teacher to move on to the next topic. The teacher teaches the lessons to the students. The inappropriate responses of the students to the teacher’s subject queries are ignored. The teacher moves on to the next lesson without regard for the students’ ability to absorb the day’s lessons. The students’ learning is left at the mercy of the teachers. In terms of the constructivist motivation environment, the teacher must show different types of motivational techniques to encourage learning in the classroom environment. ...
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