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CheckPoint: Types of Networks - Coursework Example

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CheckPoint: Types of Networks

WAN (Wide Area Network) on the other hand is used to cover a huge geographical area such as a city, a state or may even span over intercontinental distances. This type of connection uses telephone carriers and cables to provide connectivity. CAN( Campus Network) is a network used to cover a university or enterprise. This connection is developed by connecting a number of LANS to cover a limited geographical area. Router may be used to ease access. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is a computer network that spans over a large campus or city. HAN (Home Area Network) is a used to for communication between a house. This network usually connects a number of personal computers, laptops and accessories such as printers and scanner within a house building. These networks differ in terms of functionality. For instance LAN in designed to aid communication between employees of an organization working in physically close locations such as in offices within a building where as WAN is used to connect physically remote locations which is why WLAN uses wireless technology and remote bridges to make connection. Q.2 Most personal computers are equipped with a version of the Windows operating system, whereas Apple personal computers have a different operating system. Other choices are also available, such as UNIX and Linux. Why do you think Windows is so prevalent? What do the other systems have to offer that Windows does not? Who uses the other systems?  Ans: Windows is the most widely used operating system because it is fast and convenient. Windows has three main advantages over other operating systems that are security, compatibility and support. Windows is closed source nature which means that its internal systems can only be accessed by a few windows employee where as other operating systems are opened source which suggests that anyone who has the knowledge to modify the system can do that. Hence since windows share less information hackers cannot cause much damage. Considering compatibility, windows is on an upper level as compared to Linux and other systems because of its new hardware. Since Microsoft has widespread corporate contacts and network, it can easily get access to new hardware as soon as it is released. Hence it is compatible with a wider range of new software and hardware. Windows supports all other Microsoft software and services that are essential for daily use like Microsoft office, SQL server and other but while using other operating systems usage of these services requires additional programming.(“All about operating systems Part3”, However there are many features that Windows does not offer. For instance Windows is a heavy operating system whereas Linux is not. Linux can be run on old computers with barely any ram. Linux also has a wide range of desktop looks and appearances unlike windows which usually offers a very limited variation in this regard.(“advantages of using Linux over windows”, Chrome OS on the other hand has the advantage of being able to rum Google based applications such as Google DOC to work even if one is offline. Though Windows is most prevalent other operating systems are also being use by many. Linux for instance is used “by the government of Canada, parts of the U.S. Department of Defense, The City of Munich, Germany,  France's Parliament, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Germany's Foreign Ministry, France's national police force; the ...Show more


Q1.Compare and contrast LANs, WANs, CANs, MANs, and HANs in 200 to 350 words. Ans: LANs, WANs, CANs, MANs, and HANs are methods to provide three types of computer networks that are the internet, intranet and extranet. All of these methods aid communication and sharing of data between computers…
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CheckPoint: Types of Networks essay example
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