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CheckPoint: Types of Networks Coursework example
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Q1.Compare and contrast LANs, WANs, CANs, MANs, and HANs in 200 to 350 words. Ans: LANs, WANs, CANs, MANs, and HANs are methods to provide three types of computer networks that are the internet, intranet and extranet. All of these methods aid communication and sharing of data between computers.


WAN (Wide Area Network) on the other hand is used to cover a huge geographical area such as a city, a state or may even span over intercontinental distances. This type of connection uses telephone carriers and cables to provide connectivity. CAN( Campus Network) is a network used to cover a university or enterprise. This connection is developed by connecting a number of LANS to cover a limited geographical area. Router may be used to ease access. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is a computer network that spans over a large campus or city. HAN (Home Area Network) is a used to for communication between a house. This network usually connects a number of personal computers, laptops and accessories such as printers and scanner within a house building. These networks differ in terms of functionality. For instance LAN in designed to aid communication between employees of an organization working in physically close locations such as in offices within a building where as WAN is used to connect physically remote locations which is why WLAN uses wireless technology and remote bridges to make connection. Q.2 Most personal computers are equipped with a version of the Windows operating system, whereas Apple personal computers have a different operating system. Other choices are also available, such as UNIX and Linux. ...
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