Article Review about White Collar Crime

Article Review about White Collar Crime Essay example
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1. What you learned from the article. I have learned several things in this article. First, I just realized how pervasive dishonesty in our society is especially in the corporate world. Yet, very few are convicted especially with those crimes that are white collar in nature.


I also learned that the old cliche “honesty is the best policy” always works. I learned that the time has come for the accounting profession to adopt a zero telerance policy against wrongful and dishonest behavior. This assignment also made me realize that not all good intentions are laudable. Doing a good job does not necessarily mean that it is laudable act. There are orders from our superiors that are illegals such as “coooking the books” that should not be followed. Being a good soldier will not absolve an employee from such criminal act. I learned from the article that our employers cannot pushed or forced us to do it and we cannot be bullied into submission because we are protected by law against the commission of such illegal acts. Corollary to this, whistleblowing and stopping the act right there and then could be detrimental to the employee. It is better that to stay in the organization and just quietly collect evidences and approach a lawyer who has an experience in litigating such cases. Obtaining evidences that we do not have access to, even if our intention is good, will not hold in court because because one’s hands are also dirty. Above all, the motivation of those who whistleblowed was not necessarily out of monetary reward, but out of their conscience to stop the illegal act. 2. ...
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