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Career Planning Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Career Planning Career planning and management is deemed as the pathing, planning and development of one’s work schedules and activities in relation to the individual’s abilities, skills, competencies and interests in both the short-term and long-term periods.


The discourse would hereby address the following concerns, to wit: (1) to present a brief analysis of one’s long-term career plan; (2) to list and describe the six major components of a resume; and (3) to determine what three categories of questions may be asked during a job interview. Brief Analysis of Long-Term Career Plan One’s career goal is to own a little cafe or restaurant that serves healthy food as opposed to greasy fried fast food, generally offered in most proprietary restaurants today. The wealth of experience and academic background in the field of professional cooking and kitchen management has provided the solid foundation to pursue a life-long career as the owner and executive chef of one’s own diner. The genuine interest in this endeavor has been innately ingrained and for more than 20 years, working in the capacities of executive chef and general manager, one’s knowledge, skills and abilities have been extensively honed for this career. ...
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