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Data Table Analysis - Essay Example


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Data Table Analysis

Beside above, this elaborates the steps used to generate a pivot table using Kudler’s general ledger inventory data and explains how all the data in the pivot table may be developed and used for decision making in management for Kudler.   Inventory data table of the Kudler’s helps every person to read easily the table and enables them to easily explain the information in the table. This particular table is categorized into inventory item, codes of GL, summary line items and finally the amount. Evaluating the design elements of the data tables from an accounting perspective: Data tables are used to methodically show data in suitable and useful arrangement that represents information.  Various design elements are used in the data table from the perspective of accounting. This table is used to organize inventory and assess the availability of various ingredients. The table arranges the financial information into various categories, fiscal codes, different types of items and also provides information about total amount of each transaction .Design elements of data table maximizes the informational and visual presentation of the financial information. ...
Rectangles symbolize entities, diamond symbol is used to describe the characteristics of a relationship, ovals indicate an entity’s characteristics and finally connecting lines represent relationships. One of the major uses of “inventory table of the Kudler’s” is to assist Kudler with organizing inventory.  “An entity-relationship diagram is

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a data modeling technique that creates a graphical representation of the entities and the relationships between entities, within an information system ”. (Definition: Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD or ER Diagram), 2000).No comments Recommended improvements to the data tables. Data tables are employed to organize data in a way to make communication and interpretation of data easy. It improves the arrangement of data by organizing the codes chronologically. This makes understanding of data in the table easier for the user. Thus, a Pivot Table is a two-dimensional arithmetical outline of database information. It can be enhanced by organizing the codes chronologically and arrange the information by compiling the list of manufactured goods and their inventory levels. This will help in examining the items of every department; even those which have diverse items to sell. Data sorting will permits better visualization and analysis of the information, required to make successful decisions. Pivot tables can improve decision-making for Kudler Fine Food’s management: Kudler’s food management business encounters “data excess”; i.e. a huge amount of detailed data gets created as a component of the standard process. Visualization of data plays a significant role here in decision making. Sometimes management staff needs to take decisions quickly but the huge


Data Table Analysis Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact. Data Table Analysis Introduction: Kudler Fine Food Company is a famous food supplier company…
Author : elishalang
Data Table Analysis essay example
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