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REVOLUTIONARY FOOTWEAR PRODUCT REVOLUTIONARY FOOTWEAR PRODUCT (Your name) (Your institution) (Your instructor’s name) (Your course) (Year) Introduction Innovation is the backbone of the footwear market and as such modern designs that are made using the highest levels of creativity have the potential of taking the footwear products to a whole new level therefore giving footwear customers an experience that is second to none.


These statements shall then be used to determine if the project is viable or not. To bring out this details, the report shall develop a marginal costing statement that clearly points out the cost per unit of producing each item of the new footwear product, a break even analysis table and graph that shows the time that the project will take to break even, a cash budget that shows how cash will be utilized across the first 12 months, a forecast income statement that shows how much profits will be made from the project within the first 12 months and a forecast balance sheet that shows the project’s assets and liabilities as at the end of each of the first 12 months of operation. The new footwear product that will be developed is a sports shoe that is made of alligator skin combined with goat skin which is known to be light and comfortable as well as durable enough to fit the potential expected for this project. Alligators are rare species and as such the portion of alligator skin used on each shoe will be minimal. ...
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