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During the preparation of financial documents, there are several assumptions that must be used to establish business projections. These assumptions determine the inclination of the business’ operational costs, as well as sales revenue.


These are classified as fixed and variable cost: Where, fixed costs are those that remain constant regardless of production, while variable costs will vary with the production (Khan & Jain, 2008; Peavler, 2011). In practice, we have established all the fixed cost as rent and maintenance, while variable costs as wages, materials, utilities and other expenses. This will ensure that we make accurate decisions in preparing all the financial documents for New Slide Footwear Company (Shim & Joel, 2008). On the other hand, revenue assumptions for the proposed business include the pricing of the new product and potential sales during the operations. . As such, we arrived at our unit pricing through conducting an intensive market research that considered several factors such as, the potential target market, cost of materials, forecasted market share and other market pricing values used by existing competitors (FMAG, 2011). Therefore, these assumptions enabled us to prepare relevant financial documents as observed in the following sections. Marginal Costing Cost Statement. Marginal costing cost statement is a document used in marginal costing to create a platform for making all the cost and revenue assumptions (Globusz, 2001). It is a basic document that is useful in preparing financial documents such as the cash flow budget, forecast income statement, and forecast balance sheet. ...
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