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Pampers Health Spa (PHS) - Assignment Example

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Finance & Accounting
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ACCOUNTING Name Here Name of Institution City, State Date Task 1 Pampers Health Spa’ (PHS) Company Trading: Profit and Loss Account For the year ending 31st December 2009 ? ? Sales   2965000 Less: Cost of goods Sold Opening Stock as at at 1st January 2009 57300 Add: Purchases 49400 Cost of goods Available for sale 551300 less Closing Stock (67600)   Cost of Sales 483700 (483700) Gross Profit   2481300 Less: Expenses Motor Expenses 8900 Insurance 28700 Rates 20400 Premises 1680000 Wages and Salaries 1445000 Repairs & renewals 54700 Professional charges 17500 Advertising 67000 Total Expenses (3322200) Net Loss (840900) Pampers Health Spa’ (PHS) Company Balance Sheet As at 31st December 2…

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Pampers Health Spa (PHS)

2325540 =? 2325540 1 – (Variable Cost / Sales)] 1 - 0.499 0.501 Break-even point= ? 4641796.41 (Atrill & McLaney, 2011) Margin of safety % = Current sales level – Break- Even Point Current sales level Margin of safety % = ? 2965000 -? 4641796.41 = (56.55) % (Atrill & McLaney, 2011) ? 2965000 Task 3 Payback period method Proposal 1 The project requires an investment of ?900,000 and it generates cash as follows: ?270000 in Year 1; ?295000 in Year 2; ?345000 in Year 3; ?325000 in Year 4. The payback period is 3 years ?270000+ ?295000= ?565000 in the first two years + ?335000 of the ?345000 occurring in Year 3). ...
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