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Market for Foreign Exchange

The terms ‘pegged’ and ‘float’ are often discussed when dealing with foreign exchange markets and are means of determining the levels of controls on one’s currency. The purpose of this paper is to define in detail and discuss critically, the workings of the foreign exchange market in the context of current world dynamics. As mentioned above, a currency maybe pegged or valued against a basket of other currencies or maybe left to the market forces of demand of supply in what is known as ‘free float’ (Madura, 2009). In between the two, however, lies an intermediate form, the ‘balanced float’ that is characterized by some government control but is largely based on the principles of demand and supply. Taking a more realistic view, the value of a country’s currency is determined by the interplay of several factors including the economic, political, geographic environment (Madura, 2009). Tourism also positively affects the value of currency by increasing demand for the country’s currency (Levi, 2009). For instance, a tourist who visits country A will require country A’s currency to purchase any goods and/or services in that country. Holding everything else constant, this shall result in an increase in demand for that currency, thus, bidding up its price. ...Show more


Market for foreign exchange Customer Inserts his/her name Customer Inserts and number Customer Inserts Date submitted The foreign exchange market is one of the financial markets that is characterized by buyers and sellers of assets called ‘currencies’ (Riehl & Rodriguez, 1983)…
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