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Market for Foreign Exchange - Essay Example


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Market for Foreign Exchange

The terms ‘pegged’ and ‘float’ are often discussed when dealing with foreign exchange markets and are means of determining the levels of controls on one’s currency. The purpose of this paper is to define in detail and discuss critically, the workings of the foreign exchange market in the context of current world dynamics. As mentioned above, a currency maybe pegged or valued against a basket of other currencies or maybe left to the market forces of demand of supply in what is known as ‘free float’ (Madura, 2009). In between the two, however, lies an intermediate form, the ‘balanced float’ that is characterized by some government control but is largely based on the principles of demand and supply. Taking a more realistic view, the value of a country’s currency is determined by the interplay of several factors including the economic, political, geographic environment (Madura, 2009). Tourism also positively affects the value of currency by increasing demand for the country’s currency (Levi, 2009). For instance, a tourist who visits country A will require country A’s currency to purchase any goods and/or services in that country. Holding everything else constant, this shall result in an increase in demand for that currency, thus, bidding up its price. Furthermore, in the modern age of globalization which is characterized by free movement of capital, goods and currency it has become increasingly important for foreign exchange markets to offer sophisticated products to its customers as everything

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Assessing and Understanding the Foreign Exchange Market
Foreign exchange market is a platform where buyers and sellers from all over the world buy, sell and discuss different matters that are related to different currencies. Such markets are very big and can be liquated easily and because of this reason they are considered as very well-organized monetary markets.
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Foreign Exchange Market and Forward Exchange Rate
Sometimes anticipatory buying of the foreign currency drives the market. Anticipation can destabilise Foreign Exchange Markets. This is because the participants tend exchange their national currency more or less depending on the expected exchange rates.
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Term Structure / Yield Curve, Financial Crises and Foreign Exchange Market
The US treasury was one of the driving forces behind the rise or decline of the yield curve in 2000. The timing of the market can thus be assessed by the yield curve as to whether it will yield profit or loss in the share market. The Yield curve as discussed above has various securities with different holding period return.
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The Foreign Exchange Market
John Sloman (1999) Individuals participate in the foreign exchange market for a number of reasons. On the demand side, one principle desire for foreign currency is to purchase goods and services from another country or to send a gift or investment income payments abroad.
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Foreign Exchange Market Intervention
No doubt, our reading of the latest literature leads us to terminate that, in difference by the profession's consensus scrutiny of the 1980s, official intervention can be effectual, particularly from side to side its role as a signal of policy intentions, and particularly when it is publicly proclaim and concerted.
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Foreign Exchange Market
So foreign exchange markets deals with each nation's currency. Its value then depends on how the selling and buying activities of the said currency. Say for example, peso has a lower value than dollar. The value of peso depends on how much dollars have been exchanged into peso.
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Market for foreign exchange

According to the research findings, the foreign exchange market is a decentralized interaction between buyers and sellers of currencies that determines the relative worth of currencies. It would be impossible to have foreign trade and investment without the existence of such markets that facilitate the conversion of one currency into another.

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1- Term structure / yield curve, 2- Financial crises and 3- Foreign exchange market
The Yield curve as discussed above has various securities with different holding period return. As the yield curve with long term maturity level tends to minimise the risk factor hence yield curve is a very
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FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market )
This recession became a recipe for the 1992 UK crisis. Before joining the ERM, UK should have considered domestic interest rates and their relationship to inflationary pressures in the economy. In essence, preventing the ERM would have required
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According to case study...calculate data then analysis it about Foreign exchange market
Valuation of the Milagrol LTDA should be done with due diligence by experts in valuation to avoid mistakes of under or over valuation. Political risks associated with inter transfer of business should be carefully evaluated to ensure that the buyer
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from remittances by multinationals to payments to labor by the same entities requires well developed foreign exchange markets that cater to their individual needs . As far as the size of the foreign exchange market is concerned, it is no surprise that it encompasses a volume of trading which is 5-10 times the amount of trade in foreign goods and services. There are three major foreign exchange markets across the globe: London, New York and Tokyo. These markets provide several functions; however, the three core functions are those of transmission of purchasing power between the buying and selling party, financing the goods in transit ( credit provision) and hedging of currency risk. As far as the purchasing power function is concerned, goods can be settled for ‘one’ currency which then maybe converted to the local currency. Financing goods in transit arises due to time consuming process of transfer of goods between countries. Finally, hedging function is associated with the transfer of currency risk from the seller of that risk to the buyer. The foreign exchange market operates in a complex environment that consists of two levels: the interbank and the retail markets (Bollerslev & Domowitz, 1993). In general, these encompass a wide range of market participants including the dealers, brokers, users (MNCs, importers, exporters), speculators, arbitrageurs and treasury funds institutions (Coyle, 2001). Transactions in the foreign exchange market take different forms. They may take the form of spot transactions, forward transactions or Swaps (Coyle, 2001). In a Spot transaction the delivery of currency must be made immediately with a specified settlement date (Coyle, 2001). The forward market is characterized by future delivery of the currency at a specified time and amount (Coyle, 2001). The value is determined at the time of initiation of the contract, whereas the delivery and payment are deferred till


Market for foreign exchange Customer Inserts his/her name Customer Inserts and number Customer Inserts Date submitted The foreign exchange market is one of the financial markets that is characterized by buyers and sellers of assets called ‘currencies’ (Riehl & Rodriguez, 1983)…
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Market for Foreign Exchange essay example
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