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Part I Home Depot is Inc. is a leading company in providing home improvement, building material and home services including lawn and gardening services to the customers. These services include carpeting, flooring, air system, cabinets, shelves and other home furnishing services.


The company started off its operations from 1978, as of now the company has been in the business for more than 34 years. The company has its physical appearance in the form of retail outlets as well as having a building location in Atlanta, Georgia. The legal state of the Home Depot is of corporation and the company operates as public limited company. Apparently from the company’s last year’s annual report of 2010, there is no litigation that has been found. So it seems as if the company has been tackling its issues quite smoothly without any serious legal proceedings. As part of the future outlook of the company, the executives of the company are pretty much hopeful with the growth due to healing from the recession. The company expects good financial results as well as growth in its number of outlets in upcoming periods. ...
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