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Assignment example - Business Conference PLC is a company which conducts business conferences for the companies such that different delegates

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Finance & Accounting
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Introduction Business Conference PLC is a company which conducts business conferences for the companies such that different delegates, attendees and other guests and speaker participate in those conferences. This report basically analyses a business conferences which is going to be held in North Wales and many delegates are intended to participate in that conference…

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The discrimination between relevant and irrelevant costs has also been made in the analysis. Appendix containing each component of the cost concludes this report. Long – term and Short – term Goals The short – term goal of Business Conference PLC under the current situation can be to successfully conduct the upcoming business conference. This short term goal can be achieved by the company by taking into account the overall cost and benefit analysis of the conference. If the benefits earned from the conference are higher than the costs incurred in conducting this conference, it leads towards the achievement of short-term goal. There are different points in time where the company can foresee whether the conference can be successful or not. For instance, at the time of initial planning the company can make best judgments whether the estimates are good enough for the successful organization of the conference. At the time of booking, the company can realize the success of the conference by considering the interest of the delegates. Under economic terms, the most relevant cost for short term decision making is the variable cost. ...
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