Recent Direction of Monetary Policy in a Country of Your Choice

Recent Direction of Monetary Policy in a Country of Your Choice Essay example
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The conception of monetary policy is commonly regarded as fiscal strategies or guiding principles which are implemented portraying the means and the techniques of money supply in a particular economy.


Presently, the Reserve Bank executes the functions of the monetary policies in the USA for the purpose of controlling significant issues such as inflation, unemployment, and investment trends among others (Mankiw, 1997). Notably, there lie several purposes of the monetary policies that have been transformed periodically. The various guidelines of the government of a particular country possessed a noteworthy role in the economy in which the central bank acts for the purpose of executing the monetary or fiscal policies to a large extent. The chief motives of executing the monetary policies are to enhance the progression as well as the advancement of a country, decreasing the rate of unemployment and maintaining stable prices of different commodities (Reserve Bank of New Zealand, 2007). Monetary or fiscal policies are often related with certain important factors including the facilities of credit and the rate of interests among others. It can be stated that the monetary guiding principles establish a kind of interrelation amid the rate of the interest charges which indicates toward the price or charge at which money can be borrowed and also toward the overall money supply in an economy (Taylor, 2001). In this paper, a brief idea regarding the conception of monetary policy along with its recent direction prevailing in an economy is taken into concern. ...
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