Public Companies Trying to Treat Obesity

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Nam Tutor Institute Course Date Public Companies Trying To Treat Obesity Introduction Currently, obesity is America’s leading healthcare problem consuming a big percentage of funds located to Medicaid and Medicare. Americans are prone to obesity regardless of social status, age or ethnic background.


These include diets, lifestyle changes and drugs that aim to reduce overweight and obesity. However, with the fall out of Fen Phen, a drug designed to treat obesity but found to cause serious heart conditions, any plans to develop new dietary drugs were thwarted. This changed when the FDA gave two dietary pill companies the go ahead to manufacture drugs. These companies include Arena Pharmaceuticals and VVUS. This move has created hope in the industry and in turn significantly affected the stock market. No other sector in the stock market moves as much as the biotechnological sector due to corporate development. A single FDA decision or drug trial can send stocks plunging or soaring. As a result, many investors trade their biotechnological stocks depending on FDA decisions or meetings and upcoming data releases. The decision by FDA regarding the dietary pills in February 2012 has thus caused a lot of movement in stock and changes in five biotechnology and drugs companies. 1. Arena Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ARNA) Arena’s advanced drug candidate is lorcaserin hydrochloride meant for weight management. The rug has completed two pivotal Phase III clinical trials for lorcaserin. The drugs help patients to deal with overweight, obesity and have a weight-related co-morbid condition to lose weight and keep it off. ...
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