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  Exodus Venture Capital Ltd: Investment Decision Name of the Writer Writer’s Registration Number Name of the Institution Date Submitted Exodus Venture Capital Ltd: Investment Decision Table of Contents S. No. Topic Description Page I. Introduction 2 II.


References 9 Exodus Venture Capital Ltd: Investment Decision Introduction Every business that comes into existence has some objective. While for non-profit organizations, these might be service to humanity and meeting basic needs of communities, for commercial enterprises it is most certainly the profit motive that is the focus of attention for the owners and management. We see that both Brindley Ltd. and Haines Ltd. are in the same industry sector of building materials. It thus makes sense to compare results of those companies that are in the same industry sector and therefore are faced with the same opportunities and threats from the external environment. Meanwhile the internal structure and organization of a particular firm would signify its strengths and weaknesses. Industry averages as computed by financial dailies like the Financial Times and rating agencies such as Dunn & Bradstreet, Standard and Poor and Value Line can also serve as a good baseline by which to compare and contrast the results of a particular firm (Weston et al, 2006, 73). The Importance of Financial Ratios In the absence of further information, financial ratios are a good way of determining the financial health and viability of a business enterprise. In other words, they give us a picture of the status of the business at a certain point in time. ...
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