The Learning and Growth Perspective

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The Learning and Growth Perspective Author’s Name Institutional affiliation The Learning and Growth Perspective Over years many organizations have spent a lot of their resources while trying to grow economically and financially. For an organization to grow economically various performance management strategies have to be deployed by experts with vast knowledge in those areas.


The use of Balanced Scorecard is a very important aspect of the business compared to other performance management strategies; it responds immediately progress, feedback and changing business conditions. Various successful organizations like Futura Industries have used this strategy of the Balanced Scorecard and it is evident that the strategy has positively contributed to the companies’ success over years. A Futura Industries is an international company based in Utah led by Susan Johnson. It has more than 50 years of experience in aluminum design, extruding, fabrication, finishing, and machining. They needed a plan to help the business grow over years. Susan Johnson, the president of Futura Industries came up with the idea of deploying the Balanced Scorecard in the organization. She argued that for success to be evident in the company, employees’ welfare is the key to success. She believed that employees are very important assets to the company that need to be treated with utmost care and respect. She says that; Futura does not only require great machines, but also great people. ...
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