Integration - Causal Chains and Strategy SLP

 Integration - Causal Chains and Strategy SLP Essay example
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Integration - Causal Chains and Strategy SLP Name: Professor: Course: Date: Integration - Causal Chains and Strategy SLP Abstract The purpose of this paper is to investigate the integration causal chains and strategy SLP. Additionally, it looks on the effects of business goals, objective, and strategies on the general performance of a business enterprise.


Although, the specific objectives of a business firm solely depend on the production stage that the firm falls within business life cycle, a business enterprise should always on the fore front innovatively formulating calculated financial strategies. The business shareholders should constantly address the issue of financial stability in order to achieve the desired goals and objectives. In addition, the firm should target adjustments that successfully integrate the causal chain strategies. The control should go further to design a supply chain, produce and distributes company’s’ products. The unique chain strategies should cover small batches of production and distribution, warehousing, design self management, logistics and distribution functions, and stock out usage to elevate revenues (Pioch, N. J., 2006). In contrast, the firm should have greater flexibility control over the production and logistics functions have as compared to the target strategies. Adoption of closed communication loops should be of high priority to facilitate the acquisition of valuable and potential customers alongside enhanced quality transport networking operation. ...
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