Analysis of Financial Statements. Selling 50 Percent Of The Equity

Analysis of Financial Statements. Selling 50 Percent Of The Equity Assignment example
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Printing Express Student Name Student ID E-mail address Supervisor Name Program Academic Year Semester March 30, 2012 Outline Question A: Analysis of Financial Statements Introduction Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Trend Analysis Working Capital: Analysis and Recommendations Question B: Selling 50 Percent Of The Equity References QUESTION A: ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS The information provided in the case study show that the business was formed in 1995 to carry out printing business.


She is currently considering selling the business or inviting a new partner who will come with cash and new ideas. This paper presents the financial analysis of Printing Express for the last five years. The analysis comprises of horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, trend analysis and working capital analysis for the financial statements of the company for the last three financial years. The report also presents an evaluation of the working capital management by the company and presents recommendations in this regard. Horizontal Analysis- Considering the horizontal analysis of the company from year 2002 to year 2006, it can be seen that the sales revenue of the company increased considerably in the year 2005 as compared to year2006. The increase in sales revenue lead to an increase in the cost of sales, however, the increase in sales is greater than the increase in cost of sales resulting in a net increase in the gross profits for the company in year 2006. Moving further, it is observed that the total expenses experienced a significant drop regardless and increase of revenue. ...
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