System development life cycle: The case of super express LTD

System development life cycle: The case of super express LTD  Essay example
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SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE: THE CASE OF SUPER EXPRESS LTD Student’s name: Course title Instructor’s Name Name of Institution Date Q1: Super Express Ltd; a printing and packaging company decided to develop a new system that would see the company enhance the way it carries out its business operations.


The main causes of this disastrous problem include the fact that the concerns of the employees were not concerned during the system development process (Jones and Rastogi, 2004, p. 31). Although Jane consulted some employees, the issues raised by employees were not taken into consideration but instead she came up with a report based on what the Management Director wanted to have. This failure to involve the users during system development process is a major cause for their lack of acceptance (Jones and Rastogi, 2004, p. 31). The other cause of the disatraous outcome in the process was that the design was accepted by the management without testing it or understanding the implications that such model would have to the organization (Moore, Nolan and Gillard, 2006, p. 647). The third cause for the disastrous outcome after the development of the new system is that the management enforced a direct cut-over without giving the employees time to learn how to use the new system as recommended by (Moore, Nolan and Gillard, 2006, p. 647). Soon after the New Year, the employees started with a new system to ensure that they do not cling to the old system. Q2: The team responsible for development of a new system did not follow all the systems development life-cycle phases (SDLC). ...
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