Auditing Introduction Letter to Aplollo Shoes, Inc

Auditing Introduction Letter to Aplollo Shoes, Inc Essay example
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Audit introduction letter to Apollo Shoes, Inc Name: Institution: Abstract: The main purpose of the audit introduction letter is to provide an explanation to Appollo Shoes of the audit and assurance services provided by my firm and the roles I will undertake during my audit work.


Larry Lancaster, Chairman, President and CEO Appolo Shoes, Inc 100 Shoe Plaza, Shoetown, ME 00001 RE: AUDITING AND ASSURANCE SERVICES This letter is to confirm the arrangements and understanding of the upcoming audit of your company. I will to take this opportunity to explain few points about audit and assurance services offered by the firm. The firm is proud to have been in operation for more than 15 years by providing excellent services to clients. We have qualified personnel in all departments who provide a number of services such as auditing and assurance, risk management and internal controls. The firm provides numerous auditing and assurance services which are customized according to each client needs. The objective of the audit is to provide an opinion on the fairness of the financial statements and conformity with the Generally Accepted accounting principles in the United States. Some of auditing and assurance services offered firm include but not limited to financial statements audit, compliance audit and operational audit. Compliance audit will identify the level of compliance with regulations, procedures and rules while financial statements audit will determine the fairness of the financial statements. Operational audit will determine the efficiency of processes such as marketing, organizational structure and production methods (Luis, 2008). ...
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