Discuss the implication of globalization for the organized labour movement in rich countries. - Essay Example

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Discuss the implication of globalization for the organized labour movement in rich countries.

The process of globalization, with the liberal economic policies, which have been adopted by many countries, has come to weaken the strong foundation upon which many trade unions have been built. Globalization has intensified the economic competition among the various developed nations of the world and to increase this competitiveness, these countries have adopted very liberal trade policies to ensure that their products remain at the top of the global market. These new policies have had an impact on trade unions in very negative way because one of their key parts are the legal restrictions which have been placed on the rights of workers for the sake of a higher efficiency of the economy. A major consequence of these restrictions has been the fact that trade unions in these countries have come to lose those rights, which they had struggled for many years to gain, and this has ensured that the political foundations of such trade unions have been increasingly weakened1. At the same time, the liberal policies that have been brought about by globalization have been creates more in favor of the employers than the workers. ...
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Globalization is an unstoppable force, which is slowly spreading throughout the world and influencing many things, which were once thought to be only specific to certain regions. Globalization had not only had a huge impact on the political and economic arena of the world but it has also had far-reaching effects on the labor movements in rich countries…
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