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A Report of Andolsen’s Article Entitled “Six Steps to Your Successful Career Path” Author’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Institutional Affiliations: Date of Submission: Introduction Scholars are in agreement that an individual’s career success contributes hugely to organizational growth prospects (Barrack, Higgins, Judge, & Thoresen, 1999).


The sequential, evolutionary aspect of experiences over time attaches the notion of a "moving perspective" on careers. Thus, not only does it transcend organizational dynamics in the new economic, technological and social realms, but goes beyond systemic boundaries. As it is, therefore, a person’s career is a key life constituency evolving around work and time. Apart from the provision of income, work offers a sense of purpose, challenge and self-fulfillment. It is a source of interactive life challenges via social networking that often powers on creativity with a sense of identity as an end result. Quite simply, career is a life journey with either the choice of a beaten path or another to navigate (Baruch, 2004). Andolsen’s article entitled “Six Steps to Your Successful Career Path” is an informative career guide that engenders navigation principles of self-assessment, decision making and life planning towards a successful career path for RIM professionals. Notably, the multifaceted approach of the modern career training is pushing the employer to the periphery out of the mainstream control of employee-skills (Baruch, 2003). The circumstantial phenomenon leaves “expertise” as the most treasured and sought-after strategic resource by the employer (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 2002; Andolsen, 2008). ...
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