The Coca-Cola Company Financial Results Analysis

The Coca-Cola Company Financial Results Analysis Essay example
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Coca-Cola Co.'s (KO) third-quarter report Name Course Instructor Date 1. North American market for The Coca-Cola Company The Atlanta-based world's biggest beverage maker is still optimistic of future better result in its flagship North American market. According to Choi Ap (2012), there is no doubt that North America is still an important target market for Coca-Cola despite the widely touted criticism against beverage makers in this region over the increased rate of obesity which is attributed to increased consumption of sugary drinks.


The first one being sales volume growth, structural changes, positive price/mix approximated at 3 percent and most important acquisition of the Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company (“The Coca-Cola Company”, 2012). North American segment is a very sensitive market taking into consideration that the consumers have become highly health conscious owing to the escalating cases of obesity and other lifestyle diseases associated with high sugar and calories diet and beverages. This claim can be justified that “still beverages” recorded a 7 percent volume gain in North America segment while traditional sodas volume was flat as from the previous year (Choi Ap, 2012). This means that most Americans have found a new and better taste in less sugary beverages such as Powerade sports drinks and Fuze teas. ...
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