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The strategy of the company is easy and simple to follow that is to allow the continuous growth of the product by continuous revolution and invention at the same time maintain equilibrium between the activities of different region and product lines. The short term performances are more preferred and long term performances are not neglected at the cost of short term performance. Nestle gives priority to providing quality products to everyone, irrespective of their location, needs and throughout their lives. Nestle runs on the decentralized system which means each country is responsible for the sale of products individually and does not depend on the main headquarters The motto of Nestle is to “Think globally- acting locally” which means that their products are made by keeping the whole world in mind but also interacts with the consumers at regional level (G, 2009).
Corporate social responsibility is a concept of management in which companies incorporate societal and environmental apprehension when dealing with stakeholders and the operations of the business. Corporate social responsibility also known as CSR is the method with which the company achieves equilibrium between the environmental and economical sectors, in other words this is known as the Triple Bottom Line Approach. Along with this the company also responds to the stake holders and share holders expectations. If one wishes to promote the CSR within a company it is also important to review the company’s needs and their capacity to incorporate CSR in the company so that it does not affect their economic feasibility. If CSR is properly incorporated within a company then it gives the ability to the company to gain several advantages like increased in flow of investments, higher sales and profit ratio, systematic human resource base, a better and much improved image of the brand and development of good reputation, the ability to make good decision ...
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The company was founded by Heinrich Nestle in 1866. It was basically initiated for the distribution of infant food known as “milk food”. The company then expanded itself to various…
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