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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Contract Terms that are Commonly found in a Managed Care Contract Managed care associations can be defined by the contract that formulates the foundation laws and regulations, as well as, parameters under the provider conditions and the administration Care Corporation that may operate.


In estimating the contract format, contributors must provide acceptable considerations to the business, objectives, abilities to handle the assignment, expenses, economic requirements, as well as, the potential value of the contract with managed care contract (Paul & Kylanne 169). These terms exist in the contract in the estimation of the contract period, as well as, extinction clauses. Prior to the agreement to nay condition or extinction stipulations, it is best and vital for the contributor to contain a wide perspective and determination of adding up the provisions that will accurately address the requirements of both the management care contracting and the contributor. The purpose is to establish the most suitable and enduring association. Contract Term All available contracts recognize a certain contract term. The contract term involves an episode of time for the period of which the contract exists and followed to the letter. In general, managed care contracts may be written with a starting period of time that is estimated to be one year maximum. This is usually to foresee the terms that contribute for an automatic reintroduction of the contract except when one group sees a certain number of days that may be foreseen to end in the annual period. ...
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