Does it matter whether or not firms pay dividends? Why?

Does it matter whether or not firms pay dividends? Why? Essay example
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Does it matter whether or not firms pay dividends? Why? Introduction Generally companies pass on a fixed percentage of their net profit to their stakeholders in reward to the investment risk taken by investors. Dividend is the key catalyst that persuades shareholders to purchase stakes of an organisation.


Those companies use that undistributed earnings to reinvest in the business and thereby increase the size of the organisation. Evidently, this practice may adversely affect the financial interests of company shareholders. However, the current market position of the firm particularly influences the implications of non-payment of dividends on the business. This paper will specifically discuss what happens whether or not firms pay dividends. Why some companies pay dividends while some others do not? Undoubtedly, a company tends to pass its earnings to shareholders as remuneration for their investments and hence to retain their interests in the company. When an organisation pays attractive dividends, existing shareholders can significantly gain from their investments. It forces shareholders to stay with the company, and the payment of dividends may also assist the company to attract new potential stakeholders (‘Investor Relations’ 2010). It is clear that dividends paid for a fiscal period is appeared on the consolidated balance sheet prepared at the end of that period. Investors mainly scrutinise current dividend rates so as to decide whether or not to purchase the stocks of the firm. Usually, if investors find that the company offers poor dividend rates, they would not be much interested in investing in that firm. ...
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