Investments class (Measure for t-bond & funds historical data)

Investments class (Measure for t-bond & funds historical data) Assignment example
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Name Institution Date Section 1 Finance and accounts are two different fields but people always try to identify both of them as a same. Accounting has been referred to recording the financial transactions while finance is the name of using the funds of the company at a place from where the likelihood of earning would be on a higher side.


Theoretically, a bond is like a stock or a share which gives a sort of dividend to its holder. It is one of the most important categorizes that comes under the ambit of finance and it is important from the viewpoint of financial consultant to analyze the same (Bodie, Zvi, Alex Kane, and Alan, pp. 44-55). There is a significant relationship has been found among the interest rate and bond valuation. A rate at which the interest is paid by the borrowers in consequences of using the money specifically borrows from a lender. Interest rate in particular is a percent of principal paid by a certain amount per annum. Interest rate is one of the most important from the standpoint of a country and it is also deems a positive and significant tool come under the ambit of monetary policy. Countries with a high interest rate would not be deemed as economically viable because the cost of doing business in these countries would be high. Interest rate has its own recognition for the companies, especially for the new companies who want to enter in a new country. ...
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