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Section A: Profiling the corporate structure, and discussing the agency problems

During which the share holders received 1.6 millionshares. Amp Limited demerged itself from Henderson Group plc in 2003 which was done on regional basis where AMP was based in Australia; The Henderson group took the hold of UK. AMP Limited’s financial data of 2011 shows that the company has 949,037 shareholders with a total share capital of 2,854,672,784 ordinary shares. The total number of Employees that work under the banner of AMP Limited is 6000, with 4131 employed and self-employed planners and has relationship with 6,000 independent financial planners. The company has two major business units, the first works under the name of AMP Financial Services where 4100 aligned and employed planners provide services regarding income protection, disability and life insurance, superannuation and superannuation services for business, retirement income, selected banking products and financial advices to its customers based in Australia and New Zealand. The second unit AMP Capital is diversified investment managers, who invest in fixed interest, property, diversified funds, equities and infrastructure. ...
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Table of Contents Core operating activities 2 Current investment assets/ projects 3 Current financial structure 4 Management Structure 5 Future Investment Opportunities 7 Potential Agency Problem 7 Question 4 9 Question 5 10 Question 6 & 7 12 Systematic (market wide and industry wide) risks: 12 Unsystematic (market wide and industry wide) risks: 12 Section A: Profiling the corporate structure, and discussing the agency problems Core operating activities AMP Limited is a financial corporation based in Australia, New Zealand…
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