Theory and concepts of creating a financial model

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Financial models are created to evaluate virtually everything from borrowing requirements to investment performance. This kind of models takes into consideration the mathematical connection between financial variables so that they are able to forecast on the future performance and analyze different operating scenarios.


Management should be skeptical of the model assumptions that will be related to the recommendation. There are different types of financial models that are used for various purposes. For example, a cash flow model is regarded as a powerful tool that can assist a financial team with project future performance in a business venture by evaluating the effect of that type transaction such as an an acquisition and LBO(Shim 2007, 67)2. It is also able to calculate returns and perform ration analysis. Financial models for investment options or product services are often custom developed in excel sheets as they take into account for unique characteristics such as cost structure, product market and competitive situation. The following guidelines should be used: Outline the model the type of model structure that would include the general output and the key components.The weight cost and the advantages of the type of model will also be factored in. The forecasting future method should be used in any financial model (Fernholz 2002, 56). When constructing a cash flow model there are a number assumptions that must be included. In this kind of financial model, there is a deterministic approach that uses certain simplifications.Among them is the investment of return that is known and does not usually vary from year to year. ...
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