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Management Table of Contents Managing Organizational change 3 Individual Level 3 Organizational Level 4 Introduction to Organizational Change and development 5 Organizational Change and development: an implementation Plan 7 Reflection 8 References 10 Managing Organizational change Most of the organizational changes are planned and are introduced by the management for various reasons.


209). Individual Level One of the most famous analytical organizational change model has been developed by Kurt Lewin which is famously knows as the Lewin’s three stage model. Lewin’s model has been focused at n individual stages of development as Lewin believed that change can be initiated properly only if the employees on an individual level understand the motive and the probable outcomes of the change. Lewin believed that there are mainly two types of forces that while considering the process of change. There is one type of forces work in favor of the change. While the other type of forces are the restraining ones. If the forces that are in favor of maintain the status quo that is the restraining forces should provide less resistance to those in favor of the change then only organizational change can be achieved. The three stages o organizational changes are explained Unfreezing: This step is to minimize the forces that are marinating the behavior of the system at the current level. During this phase the management makes the employees understand that in today’s business environment change in inevitable. ...
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