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The split between the Shiism and the Sunnism has been based on an ideological aspect that still exists. This separation, nevertheless, has been unbreakable by the national, the ethnic, political, socio-political, social, and yet economic partitions in the context of the Islamic world. It has also been influenced during historical times in cases of some Islamic rulers, Islamic politicians as well as Islamic colonialists to provide their own direct interest (Haji-Yousefi, 115). Due to all these social, political and economic reasons it has also been argued that the division between these two branches of Islam is still at large in the world. This division is also cultural in the sense that the cultural aspects of Islam from the point of view of these two divisions are regarded to be different at significant level. Also the economic orientation of these two branches and the interest of Islamic people are still so much dominant that the difference has become almost impossible to ignore (Haji-Yousefi, 115). Answer 2: To be certain, globalization has been regarded as a compound occurrence, which includes a great diversity of propensities as well as movements in respect to the economic, social as well as cultural areas. It has been a multidimensional nature and therefore does not provide itself to the distinctive definition. ...
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Comparative Politics Answer 1: The dissimilarity between the two most important schools of thought or ideology in Islam, Shiism and Sunnism, has been largely based on the aspect of who must have led the ideology of Islam after the decease of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad…
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