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Name: Course: Instructor: Instructions: Date Title: CISCO SYSTEM Cisco System was started in 1984 by Lerner Sandy and Bosack Len both of Stanford University. The couple were computer scientists and they began their enterprise through connection of disconnected networks in their compass buildings.


One other major huddle they face a business was demand by the Stanford University to obtain 11 million dollars as the licensing fee during the company registration. This was because; the duo had developed the technology when still working as an employee of the university (Edwards, 25). Later on the university accepted 150, 000 dollars together with free support services and routers. The duo had a vision of enabling dissimilar networks to communicate with one another and engage in information sharing to enhance reliability. However, for the full connection of networks, there was need for technology invention that would deal according with the separated local area modus operandi. To fill this gap, they decided to try different process which gave birth to the multi- procedure router. Other product that the company produces includes; devices for remote access, switches, devices for internet access, protocol translators and the softwares for managing networks. All tis devices and equipment are used to link geographically LANs and WANs i.e. Local Area Network and The Wide Area Networks together with the internet. The company has majorly three market segments that it serves (Kahawatte, 80) .These includes the big organization such as government bodies, corporations, learning institutions such as universities. ...
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