(Sustainable investing)Your task is to select a sustainable stock index (DOW JONES) (http://www.sustainability-index.com/) and c

(Sustainable investing)Your task is to select a sustainable stock index (DOW JONES) (http://www.sustainability-index.com/) and c Assignment example
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Sustainable stock index Name Institution Introduction This is a research paper that analyses the sustainability index of the Dow Jones. In addition, it compares the Doe’s index with MSCI index to make a conclusive inference why Dow is better. Dow Jones is one of the globe's most trusted authors of precise financial news and commercial data in all media platforms, including newswires, newspapers, records and websites.


These qualities have made the investment in Dow widely recognized and acceptable worldwide. Later in the paper we compare data of other indexes and make inference in their regards. Comparison This investment has a stable foundation and has massed a huge market share world wide. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was crafted by Dow Jones & Company co-founder together with Editor Charles Dow of Wall Street Journal. The index was developed to assess the performance of the industrial segment of the U.S stock market. Dow initially developed its Transportation Average & then after initiated the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This Average is composed of thirty stocks. The price-weighted mean of the thirty stocks establishes the index value. The index is at present a scaled average and not the real average of the prices of its constituent stocks. ...
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