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Personal Leisure Choices - Essay Example


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Personal Leisure Choices

The degree of enjoyment or the nature of leisure largely depends on the technological improvement or sophistication and the economic issues (Dridea & Sztruten 208-213). However, I further consider secular and religious factors which are consistent with my beliefs. I would always tend to consider many issues such as the dominant religion as well as specific secular activities that interest me in a particular leisure before I indulge into any activity. In addition, masculinity and femininity are issues that I really consider useful before while making decisions regarding leisure. I normally consider going places where my sex preferences would notice me as I mingle with them. Associating with people of different sex is of great benefit to me and I normally feel that it is the best time to explore the opposite sex and make a number of discoveries (Dridea & Sztruten 208-213). Moreover, I normally regard the eventual impact of a particular leisure activity and the extent to which the leisure does not expose me to engage in delinquent behaviors. I therefore choose leisure that provides some sense of competence in skills and offers an exit for the expression of emotions as I interact with new and different people from my normal or usual college or home setting. The new people found in the leisure places as well as the new places of leisure helps in knowledge diversification (Dridea & Sztruten 208-213). 2 Specific goals that I may consider in improving and expanding my leisure choices are identifying

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Personal Leisure Choices

Involvement in enjoyable and productive leisure activities is an important element in choosing leisure regardless of whether the activity is meant for relaxation or even recreation. Leisure activities provide a good platform for sexual expression and other interesting activities which life has to offer. Sexuality plays a significant role in choosing a leisure activity because intimacy is a primary aspect of my life and inhabits a chief role in quality of life. Sexual experience provides a quality of life that I need in a leisure facility thus acting as a subjective appraisal for every individual. Leisure prompts me to engage in activities that are of different type from the daily activities I engage in and can bring happiness to me. I choose leisure activity that may drive away stress from my mind and is enjoyable and tend to boost my feelings of attachment and closeness with people I love.

In addition, availability of people support and integration of social activities are important aspects in choosing leisure. Individualized and flexible support provided by a particular leisure should be able to back my desires and needs. I would search from the internet and other sources on the nature of different leisure that I am interested in before making any decision. Companionship and friendship is also significant in making leisure choices. I would tend to make choice on a leisure activity that provides opportunity for interacting, socializing and creating more intimate friendship with someone special in my life.


It is undeniable that leisure choices not only differ from individual to individual but also from society to society. These differences are caused by various factors such as time. Availability of time for leisure may vary from one individual to another. …
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Personal Leisure Choices essay example
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