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FinalTake-Home Exam

This urban phenomenon is actually the effect of the larger American policies of relating the nation’s economic structure with the global economy. In the decades following the 1970s, huge corporate owners and multimillionaires have encouraged the fall of “Fordist-Keynesian model of accumulation” and have witnessed the growth of “neoliberal-globalization” model (Arena, 2012, p.xx). In order to cope with increasing globalization, the ultra rich class has used the tactics of stripping the urban areas of poverty and low-income classes. The idea was to shift the base of production to low wage areas in the south of the U.S. In these areas, business activities are not dictated by labor unions and also there are close ties between state and local governments. Thus, the brunt of gentrification has been endured by the worker class since wages have declined sharply. On the other hand, the benefits fell on the affluent population of American cities. Gentrification has essentially hindered the growth of production center as the focus was on expanding the service sector. During the second half of the twentieth century, the industrial areas of American cities were transformed into centers of urban amenities like hotels, restaurants, malls and so on. ...
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Public housing in New Orleans Inequality Regime Part I Public housing in New Orleans Arena (2012) has explored the impact of gentrification that has been dominating the cities and towns of the U.S. in the last few decades. Gentrification happens when large investors and affluent people put their money on city spaces thereby increasing the value of properties…
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