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Femicide in India

In the past, males were primarily responsible for hunting and then the females were supposed to cook and serve the food to the family. The setup was continuing to exist in various forms and shapes over several eras. In the modern world, females are still managing the homes while their male fellows work in different fields of life (Gupta, et al. 2003). The abovementioned scenario is very much true for the developing parts of the world because these areas have failed to incorporate human rights and values into the very fabric of the society. The outdated philosophy of man being a hunter is followed by the masses that are living in the less developed countries of the world. Additionally, it should be kept in mind that the economic pressures that were caused to prevail in developed nations due to Second World War and the Great Depression have played a significant role in the induction of female as a worker. Initially, the woman was considered ideal for subordination and followership. But, with the passage of time, females emerged as ideal leaders (Alston 2005). The scholars are of the view that being a man and woman is just a biological difference and it does not affect the ability of an individual. ...
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Abolishing Gender Discrimination in Indian Society: A Scholarly Analysis Name Institution Abstract The women of India are empowered and it is the most bright fact irrespective of the causes that led to it. The women’s empowerment means that the society is finally becoming civilized and therefore, its economic outlook will become more attractive for the foreign investment parties…
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