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Most women around the world still face this form of oppression. However, American women have managed to overcome some of the challenges. This has been made possible through intense activism and advocacy for equality. In 1973, for instance, American women managed to convince the court in Roe vs. Wade that women should be given a right to decide what to do with their bodies in Roe vs. Wade case. American women have also managed to gain equality in employment, politics and many other areas that only men dominated. Today, most American women hold high-level positions, something that would not have been possible if women would not have advocated for equality. In politics, for instance, America has had women, such as Condoleezza Rice and Hilary Clinton hold the position of Secretary of State. This shows how far American women have come towards attainment of equality. However, this does not necessarily imply that all women issues have been solved in the country. Instead, American women have certain issues that they still need to be solved by the government. Some of the issues that American women want the government to solve include equal pay, reproductive rights, sexual harassments, and violations among others. Even though American women have continued to pressurize the government to solve these issues through legislation, the government appears not to have an interest. ...
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Legislation: Women Issues Viebeck notes that America is one of the few countries where women have almost equal rights as men (6). Like most women around the world, American women have had to overcome many challenges to attain the level of equality they have today…
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