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The Medias Influence on Today's Woman

This paper approves that there is need to challenge the images portrayed by the media and challenge and reconsider demands that are unrealistic. This will enable the woman to develop self-esteems and develop oneself independent of media influences. Media messages should be identified and challenged in preventive programs that include that discouraging the notion that beauty is a woman’s main aim in achieving success and happiness and that a woman should be ashamed of her body size. I would, therefore, put positive redefinition of the image of woman as composed of many factors including self-acceptance that will help the woman resist attempts for thinness or being skinny.
Some questions are provided to be considered by an individual including women when evaluating media messages, one question is whether real women look like the models in the specific adverts portrayed in the media and whether buying the product being advertised will make the woman look like the model. It is also important to ask yourself whether the model looks like the picture portrayed because of the product.
This essay makes a conclusion that It is quite clear that the print media and television has the effect of determining how women portray themselves in terms of body image. Creating too much attention to magazines and television programs or movies lead to body image dissatisfaction, which often lead the woman to eating disorders. As a conclusion, the media has a serious impact on the image of women in terms of the body, which is likely to affect their mental and physical health in a negative manner. ...
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This paper talks that studies have shown that there is a correlation between the self-esteem of a person or her confidence and the influences of the media. Most women contend that the media especially the television influence their image. …
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