The Unconventional Depiction of Women in Japanese Films - Essay Example

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The Unconventional Depiction of Women in Japanese Films

Women, as portrayed in Japanese films are meek and a follower of men. They are the guardians of the house and children and the helper of men, they are the ones that fall in the background but very much important nonetheless. Men are driven by pride; they would do things that are out of their league for the sake of containing and maintaining their pride, their ego, their dignity.
Men are depicted as great thinkers and they invent something new every day and by nature they are competitive and easily driven by a desire for power and glory, whether it is for a higher rank or for the love of someone, even love becomes a game, even life or freedom will be put at stake just to prove that they are better than someone else, they like to gamble and they rarely think of the outcome before they do crazy stunts and acts recklessly.
They like the thrills and the element of danger and adventure, a male figure will grow in his appearance and expand his understanding but in spirit, he remains a boy who likes challenges and unbelievable stunts and plot to make it better than it was before. They do not easily accept defeat and they do not easily give in and in fact, most of the time, not at all.
Although women are devious in ways a man will never understand, they are the keepers of the house and will be as gentle as an angel even when angered or wronged but they unleash a fury greater than hell when forced to it.
Most women think of not just of herself but the whole package, of the people around her and of what an action may cause to the generalized public. ...Show more


The essay "The Unconventional Depiction of Women in Japanese Films" concerns the peculiarities of women representation in Japanese films. Reportedly, Japanese women are depicted as gentle, in the early times, they are the ones who tame the wild lions and they are a symbol of purity. …
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The Unconventional Depiction of Women in Japanese Films essay example
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