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Doing gender in media, art and culture

Women in Islam are the most controversial figures since the advent of modernity. We can never understand how the Islamic woman accepts her low status in Islam and how can she remain happy behind the suffocating veil as a faceless identity. When I first brought up the issue with a Islamic woman friend, she refused to give her opinion despite the fact that she covered her hair with a scarf. But later her reply surprised me. According to her, women in Islam have been able to reach a status that most feminists around the world demand and that is the de-objectifying of the sexual image of women. The Muslim Women can reach a status where they would have to prove their mettle without the help of the sexuality. This reminded me to great extent of Ugly Betty who was able to create an identity for herself despite her appearance in the fashion industry that is highly characterized by women who ooze sexuality. ...
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Women have always been subjected as a prototype of sexuality. From advertisement to religious debates, there is always a subtle or direct hint towards their sexuality. While the most desirable male is characterized as a rugged handsome man, women are shown as objects of sex and desire…
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